Finance Brokering

We have no prejudice for any one institution and we ALWAYS put the clients best interests first when structuring lending.

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Financial Planning

We begin our Financial Planning discussions with the END in mind. How do you see yourself 10 years from now or after retirement?

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Real Estate

Because we have a Real Estate License we are uniquely placed to offer clients any property strategy they may wish to employ.

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Small Business Finance

We LOVE Small Business, it’s the back bone of our economy. We give custom business solution according to your specific needs.

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“Dealing with your finances and wealth creation shouldn’t be daunting. My mission is to provide guidance, advice, education and a plan to give you confidence around your finances. There are many considerations and my company has the knowledge, skills and expertise to give you peace of mind and confidence.” – PJ Patterson

We tailor our service to suit your needs!
Simply put, we are financial problem solvers with custom-made solutions for you.

Do you want to secure your financial future now?
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