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“Dealing with your finances and wealth creation shouldn’t be daunting. My mission is to provide guidance, advice, education and a plan to give you confidence around your finances. There are many considerations and my company has the knowledge, skills and expertise to give you peace of mind and confidence.”
PJ Patterson

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Secure Your Financial Future With
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“Without it sounding like a cliche, I can honestly say that I have had the “Pleasure” in working with PJ for around 6 years now. I say that as his approach is not one that is easy to come across with a finance professional. In my line of work, the “Money Guy” tends to work out to be just that, a resource rather than someone who works alongside you with the best outcome for the client in mind which we all know, means a happier client and an easier business to run. Having PJ working along side you is like having that clone of yourself you wish you always had, he’s intuitive with what you are trying to achieve with a client and has certainly “Been there done that” enough to know how to treat any situation you are in with a professional manner and knows what to say and how to say it with that calming American tone of his.

Spend one meeting with PJ and it will feel like you’ve had a business partner that has been with you for life.
Feel free to call me for a personal discussion on 0400 037 188.”

J. Allen, Business Partner

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