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Christmas Stress

The Overwhelming Cost of Christmas

By PJ Patterson | 23 November 2020
When we get to the end of another year, we often feel [...]

Happy Women

Super Success for Women

By PJ Patterson | 6 September 2020
While women earn less and spend less time in the workforce than men [...]


The Ins and Outs of Private Health Cover

By PJ Patterson | 9 November 2020
With premiums often running to thousands of dollars per year, [...]

Fat Man Exercise

Three Steps to Your Kids’ Financial Success

By PJ Patterson | 2 November 2020
Do you know what is expected of you if you are appointed your mother’s [...]

Pillow Fight

The Balancing Act of Blended Family Finances

By PJ Patterson | 23 October 2020
Marriage breakdown can result in significant financial commitment [...]

Sleeping Black Man

Too Much Strategy, Not Enough Action

By PJ Patterson | 19 October 2020
How many business plans do you have on the shelf? [...]


Keeping Your Business Safe Online

By Keystone Financial | 12 October 2020
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission  [...]


Positioning Your Portfolio in Turbulent Times

By PJ Patterson | 6 October 2020
As any experienced investor knows, all investment markets have their [...]

Man Sleeping on Online Meeting

Are Face to Face Meetings a Dying Trend

By Keystone Financial | 27 September 2020
There’s nothing subtle in the way COVID-19 hit [...]


Beating Mortgage Stress

By Keystone Financial | 22 September 2020
Once upon a time, banks would lend would-be home  [...]