The Community

I have a strong connection to the LGBTI Community and you can read my personal story here. But what I’ve observed is that this community has different needs when it comes to certain aspects of financial planning. Most of it ‘business as usual’ (the stuff we do for all of our clients no matter their orientation) but areas where more understanding and critical thinking are:

Family Planning

Many same-sex couples have a desire to form families by having children. Whether it be through adoption, biological or surrogacy the reality is that once you have a child in the family the whole game changes. We get that and want to work with you to identify the issues you need to be aware of to insure your financial wealth passes to your dependents without question.

Estate Planning

Following on from Family planning the most important area in any adults life is to have an Estate Plan. This includes a valid and robust Will, Powers of Attorney and appropriate Personal Insurances, an area that is often neglected. It is probably the most important area of your life and it must be addressed with thoughtful appropriate advice.

Lifestyle and Growing Old

Lifestyle is what we want but age does eventually catch-up and preparing for that is important. Members of the LGBTI community often have high disposable income and sometimes that means big lifestyle expenditure to go with it. Whilst there’s nothing wrong that we feel that with more knowledge and a bit of discipline we can insure you have plenty of money to last your entire life.

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