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PJ Patterson

I have at least two members of my immediate family that are gay including by brother as well as other friends and clients that are gay. Prior to arriving in Australia in 1998 I was probably the typical straight person who didn’t understand or fully accept the gay community. Upon arrival in Australia (and knowing no one) I found myself socializing with several colleagues at work who were gay and I met many fantastic people in the gay community and had very meaningful conversations about my family. Suffice to say I received a very good education of the gay community and gained a much better understanding and total acceptance of my brother. I am very thankful that this happened.

Expanding What’s Possible with Financial Planning

As a Financial Planner I have a number of gay clients and have increasingly noticed a general lack of engagement amongst the financial planning profession towards the LGBTQ community. Why does this concern me? The gay community isn’t unique in terms of it’s financial literacy. I dare say it would be the same percentage wise as the rest of the population (in other words very low). So from that point of view I want to raise the level of financial literacy and empowerment in the LGBTQ community.


Aligning Your Finances with Your Values

What is troubling to me is the lack of advice for the legal issues around relationships, financial dependency of same sex couple, children & estate planning, investment and retirement planning that are very unique to the LGBTQ community. One major issue I see is the need for proper estate planning including financial structures for same-sex couples with children. From Powers of Attorney to Wills to Life policies that are properly structured I would bet just about anything that many couples are not getting any advice on these areas. It is a huge concern.

My desire is to specialize in working with the LGBT community and become a Trusted Adviser to it.

Celebrating Diversity with Pride

Being LGBTQ in today’s world is both liberating and challenging, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities around:

Financial Planning

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