Jon Jones
Digital Marketer

Our resident digital “rockstar” Jon’s talents straddle both traditional marketing and cutting-edge digital expertise. After a successful start to his career in sales marketing, Jon began to explore the digital world. With a knack for all things digital, he quickly translated his sales success into the online world.

Jon brings his digital expertise to Keystone Financial, providing the company with marketing skills and technical know-how to bring Keystone Financial's brand roaring into the digital age.

Raise an Agri-Entrepreneur in Philippines
Jon's Business for Good Project

While on the streets, Filipino children are exposed to very harsh and dangerous elements. They suffer from hunger, cold, sickness, abuse, and exploitation. Among the street children, the street girls are the most vulnerable to maltreatment, sexual abuse and exploitation. 30% of street children are girls.  Education can empower street children and their families and help them to gain access to a more developmental and productive future. Through this campaign children can grow up to become caring, confident, responsible, and resilient members of society.