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Avoiding the Financial Skids

Posted on10 Jun 2019
Avoiding the Financial Skids What does it mean to calibrate your confidence? To explain this concept, consider the accident ratios for young drivers. Drivers under the age of 21 are more likely to be in a car accident than those over 21. You may argue the reason for this is inexperience and ...

Why Bother Planning Money?

Posted on03 Jun 2019
Why Bother Planning Money? To some of us, planning for the future comes naturally. These “natural born planners” can’t understand how other people survive without planning.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Posted on27 May 2019
We Are What We Repeatedly Do When we think about Aristotle’s quote “we are what we repeatedly do” we can translate this to: our habits will determine our success. When it comes to our habits with money a lot of what we do is controlled by our sub-conscious beliefs. But the good news is that like ...

Sports Betting & Gambling Can Really Hurt You

Posted on21 May 2019
Sports Betting & Gambling Can Really Hurt You We are being increasingly exposed to sports betting (and gambling as a whole), due in part by the industry’s rise in recent years and the many options now available to us online.

Diversification Fundamentals in Portfolio Construction

Posted on14 May 2019
Diversification Fundamentals in Portfolio Construction Diversification, or spreading your risk, is a key risk management strategy used when constructing a portfolio whether inside or outside of superannuation.

MFAA presents Keystone Financial the Diversified Business Award

Posted on07 May 2019
Keystone Financial wins the MFAA's Diversified Business Award MFAA congratulates Keystone Financial's CEO PJ Patterson for winning the Excellence Award on Diversified Business. This award celebrates the work of PJ and Keystone Financial for delivering clients a diverse range of products and/or ...

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